By Hargun

Konichiwa! (I'm not sure if i spelled that right.....-_- but whatever!) My name is Hargun, and no I am not Japanese. I am an indian, from the sub-continent of India, if you've ever heard of it. Some of you people would ask me why I had such a weird title for my page. Well the truth is that I just really like the word "fungi". Try it. Just stop what you're doing and say the word fungi. It just sounds so cool and funny, doesn't it? Now 99% of you people out in the big wide universe called the internet will think I'm acting like a 3 year old child. That's great for you guys. But to that little sliver of 1% that agree with me I can promise you that this blog won't be just a boring place where I just try to get my teacher's assignments done. This will be the blog where I actually talk about things that concern everyone. During my years in middle school, I've realized that the world doesn't just center around one person. It centers around us, all of us, and we have the right to say what we need to say, do what we want to do, its not just one person. however one person can help others realize this truth too. Just going to break off here and leave you something to think about.
Now that I've finished my whole introduction about my blog, let me introduce you to a great person named me! (I'm just kidding!) I don't want to make this whole thing about me because, I don't know about you, but for me it get's a little boring after a while! So first off, I am a kid. Yeah, it's so surprising! I like saying funny words when I'm bored, to make me laugh! I say words like Konichiwa and fungi, but here are some of my favorite words: galligakins, hugger-mugger, octopi. Want to laugh even more? Try saying hugger-mugger three times fast, or five times fast for even more of a challenge. Well, those are my favorite words. What are yours? Just say it out loud. Scream it, whisper it,think it, tell about it! The choice is always yours!I also like to sing to myself, do you? You don't have to sing to agree with me, I also hum too! The great thing about singing to yourself is that nobody can judge you or tell you what you did wrong because it's just you whose listening. Plus sometimes its a little too nerve-wracking to get up on the stage in front of so many people. Know what I mean? It has happened or will happen to everyone; the moment when you walk through the doors leading to the stage, and you see all those people and you just freeze. That feeling isn't new to me! That's why I prefer singing to myself. My favorite songs are Good Time, Gotta Be You, and Chasing the Sun.

Speaking about favorites, one of my favorite things to do is read books that I chose. Some of my favorite books are The Hunger Games trilogy, the Harry Potter series, and the Uglies series. However, my favorite book out of these is definitely The Hunger Games. What is your favorite book? If you like the Hunger Games trilogy, then this might interest you:
http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/gKMuGY3/Who-are-you-in-the-Hunger-Games and

Now, this is a school related page, so of course I need to talk about school! I'm going to be honest with you even though my teacher will read this. The only things I'm looking forward to in school are team days, field trips, and being on the computer, especially to write on this blog. I seriously don't know what we will do throughout the school year, so I'm not really sure what to forward to academically, except for Techy Tuesday. However the two classes I like so far are English and Math. I like English because we get really fun assignments and get to work using technology. I like math because my math teacher has a really cool rewards system called Scholar Dollars, where if we behave, she gives us money, (FAKE money, sadly) which we can later trade in for prizes!

So this is where I have to sign off and leave you, but I will be back to write more. But first before I leave, I'd like to leave you with a quote:
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
Read more athttp://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_life.html#zqjhsvqdEudkWGY8.99
And also here is my favorite school related song:

Image (1).jpgImage.jpg

These are pictures I created on my iPhone using an app.They are pictures in which I took a picture of theanimal and put and indian styled headwear called a turban. This app is called Turbanizer.


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