In the excerpt The Cat and the Pain-Killer from The Adventures of the Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain , Tom changed from the beginning of the story when he learns Becky is ill to how he feels in the end. Something causes Tom to change. The Pain-Killer his Aunt Polly gave him brightened his mood and made him feel better. At first he was in a gloomy mood then his aunt gave him the Pain-Killer that reverted him to normal. In the passage it says,"She gave Tom a teaspoonful and watched with the deepest anxiety for the result. The boy could not have shown a wilder interest if she had built a fire under him."This shows that after he tasted the medicine he felt alive again. Therefore, this shows that the medicine changed Tom's personality.
Aunt Polly's quack treatments affected Tom's feelings. At first the quack treatments didn't affect Tom at all but soon he felt revitalized. As stated in the text," Tom stopped reacting to the treatments ... Tom felt it was time to wake up from his long state of sickness and heartache." This shows that the medicines were useless in the beginning until she found the Pain-Killer,the medicine that helped Tom feel better again. For example, in Marley and Me the dog dies because of old age and sickness which makes the family feel depressed. This connects to Tom because he is feeling melancholy when he is in his sick state. In conclusion, Aunt Polly's quack treatments had a major affect of Tom causing him to change his feelings.