Welcome to Emma's Page!

I have a lot of hobbies but my favorite two are soccer and dance!
My favorite soccer player is Alex Morgan from the Olympics! I
think she is a awesome soccer player.

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I also enjoy reading fiction books, for example I love reading "The Hunger Games".

I also enjoyed reading "Percy Jackson and the Lighting Theif".

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Another fact about myself is I LOVE music!
I am always listening to music and my favorite genre of music is pop country.
I LOVE Taylor Swift! I love Taylor Swift because I love her music and I look up to her.

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I Also come from two different cultures! My mom's side is Italian
and my dads side is Irish.

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Another fact about me is I have two sisters.
My youngest sister is named Ava and she is 5 years old.
My other sisters name is Julianna. Julliana is my twin
sister and she is also 12 like me. I also love animals and I have
one dog. My dogs name is Charlie and he is a Boston Terrier!


10 Random Facts About Myself:

1. I LOVE Sparkles!!
2. I love PINK!
3. My favorite time of year is winter!!
4. I Love Shopping!!
5. I LOVE wearing dresses!!
6. I love Christmas!!
7. I am a girly-girl at heart!
8. I love playing sports!
9. I love hanging out with my friends!
10.I love baking cakes, cupcakes,and cookies!

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