Imagine the heat on your skin and palm trees everywhere. The cold sweat rushing down your back. The smell of sweet flowers and grass. The sight of colors of the rainbow. The icy breeze from the night making you look for warmth. If you go to Florida and North Carolina you will know what I mean. Although, the temperatures and weather is a little similar there are still things that are different like the types of weather.

Florida's and North Carolina's weather are almost similar. It barely rains in both states. They are both in the south. Florida and North Carolina both have tornado watches to keep people safe. From now on, everything else in both states will be different.

Florida has more tornadoes and the weather is hotter. Florida's cold and hot temperatures go on and off, forming a tornado. Every year more and more tornado watches appear. It rubbles houses into shreds and a lot of people end up dying. Some people blessed for the tornado not to their houses or to be alive after it goes. On the other hand, North Carolina is a safer place. There isn't as many tornadoes and people have more hope. The temperatures might the similar but that doesn't mean every type of weather is the same.

To sum it up, North Carolina's and Florida's types of climate contrast but the temperatures compare. Both states needs tornado watches for the people to be safe. So many tornadoes appear in Florida and the temperature does not help. Living in North Carolina will be safer and you can go outside without worrying. Think of going outside with no need of worry. Imagine smelling the fresh air. Caring for your family. Wanting to go outside everyday.